April, 2023

Operation Collaboration – AI & The Future of Empowering Patients

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No matter what industry you’re in, when undergoing a digital transformation, the need for strong leadership, collaboration, connection and innovation is never more important. Generating change that will bring value to a business and consumers goes beyond implementing new cutting-edge tools, it needs a strong foundation and a deep understanding of the challenges that are being faced on both sides. One of the most important industries in our lives is healthcare and as it continues to evolve at a rapid pace we look at the foundational needs that will allow for it to make exponential progress in the years to come. 


In our three-part-mini-series for World Health Day, we had the privilege of speaking to Dr.John Sheehan, a renowned and respected Clinical Director and Healthcare Technologist who is on the frontlines of change in Europe. In this episode, Dr. John Sheehan shares his insights on the transformative potential of innovation and leadership in healthcare and together, we delve into the complexities of driving positive change, from who you surround yourself with to the power of collaboration and the importance of putting patients first. So, whether you’re a technology enthusiast, a healthcare professional or simply just curious about what the future holds… This is a conversation that you do not want to miss.