June, 2024

Pushing Boundaries for Success & How to Authentically Connect

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“I’m a true believer that you can’t force an audience.”

How can brands navigate unpredictable times when connecting with their audience? By staying true to yourself, letting go of vanity, being authentic, and cutting out the BS (Bullshit)!

This insight comes from our latest guest, the much-loved Media Creator, Athlete, and Author of ‘Run Like A Woman’. Having spent over 20 years in Asia and 25 years consulting with some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies, Natalie took a chance on herself. She started creating content as RockstarArms, which led to her gaining over 700,000 followers across her social platforms and traveling the world to deliver talks.

Recently, Natalie set a Guinness World Record by running 1000km from Thailand to Singapore to raise funds for #Project1000, an inspirational effort for the charity GRLS, a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating women and girls through sports and developing their leadership skills.

In this episode, we’ll chat all about that and so much more…

  • How to bring a sporting spirit to your work
  • The power of vulnerability and inspiration in leadership
  • Trusting your gut and being true to yourself
  • Challenging societal norms and gender stereotypes in the workplace
  • Continuous self-evolution and rewriting one’s story
  • Embracing failure and learning from losses
  • Building a successful community with authenticity