June, 2024

The Future of Banking – SCBx & The Pathway to Making AI Change A Real Change

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“Banking business used to be low risk and low return. But we don’t believe it’s going to stay like that.”What rewards await those brave enough to swim against the current? We explore this question further while speaking to Dennis Trawnitschek, the CTO of SCBX.SCBX is described as the mothership of the financial technology business, comprising 12 subsidiary companies that operate across key business pillars: Banking Business, Consumer and Digital Finance Business, and Platform and Technology Business.In our latest episode of The Forward Podcast, we delved into this transformation alongside the cultural shift required for it and how to navigate the changing landscape of banking. Renowned for his forward-thinking approach to technology adoption and AI integration, Dennis shares the captivating story of how SCBX is becoming the mothership of financial technology while still staying true to its 100-year heritage.A significant part of this transformation involves integrating AI into the core of SCBX’s operations. So, how can organizations make AI change a real change? In this episode, you’ll hear about that and…
  • The importance of embracing change
  • Navigating AI-driven disruptions
  • Innovation through risk & experimentation
  • Creating a culture of adaption and cross-learning