April, 2024

The Limitless Possibilities of IoT in Thailand

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Mint Kaewmanorom lives a life filled with curiosity, consistently looking at the bigger picture she moves forward by wondering how she can tackle problems with new solutions. So it comes as no surprise that she finds herself in one of the most interesting areas for the future, the Internet of Things. As Asia embraces digitalization, IoT stands poised to transform industries, offering a glimpse into a future marked by enhanced efficiency and connectivity. In our first episode of The Forward Podcast, we’ll hear about the work that True Digital is doing with leveraging IoT technology in Thailand and how they plan to solve some of the pain points that people and businesses face. Moving beyond the idea that IoT is gadgets and gizmos – Mint, who at the time of recording was the Head of Marketing and IoT Solutions at True Digital shines a light on how they are working with entire industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, city management, and entertainment. Described as being “limited only by the human imagination”, the rise of IoT technology presents unprecedented opportunities for innovation and connectivity – at the centre of bringing these to life, is True Digital. We’ll chat about all of that and we’ll delve into…
  • What moves Mint forward as a leader in her space
  • True Digital’s ambition to create connectivity for all and better impact society
  • The gap for IoT in manufacturing
  • Where to find inspiration in a world of limitless possibilities
  • Things you need to know before pursuing a career in marketing, data, software development or IoT