May, 2024

Using Data & Insights for Profit: What’s Now and Next for Southeast Asia

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After 10 years of rocket growth within the eCommerce space, businesses are asking how they can become more profitable. Effective data is a start. But as more and more technologies and tools emerge that promise businesses the world, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are using quality rather than unrealistic and unreliable data sources. That’s where we meet Simon Torring, the Co-Founder of Cube Asia, a market intelligence company focused on Southeast Asia’s digital economy. Founded based on a shared frustration with the lack of quality data that was readily available, Simon and his business partner created Cube Asia to help consumer brands, retailers, and investors understand the online selling environment better through more reliable, granular, and timely market data and insights. Before founding Cube Asia, Simon spent the last 10 years in Southeast Asia’s retail and eCommerce space. His experience includes stints with beauty eCommerce startup and world-leading beauty retailer Sephora, where he led Omnichannel development for APAC ex-China. Simon joined us on The Forward Podcast and unpacked the why of Cube Asia, and some of the forecasted trends that businesses are keeping a close eye on this year as well as:
  • What makes a great leader? Honest insights you need to hear
  • Lessons on market feedback and decision-making
  • Hallucinogenic data and the quest for validation
  • Emerging trends in Southeast Asian social commerce
  • Key drivers of eCommerce growth and profitability
  • The need for speed in business decision-making
  • Driving innovation in e-commerce strategies
  • Overcoming bottlenecks and building great teams