May, 2024

What’s Next for MarTech? Debunking Myths & Navigating Transformation

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How can businesses best adapt to a future where technology and marketing will be closely intertwined? What traits will the leaders of tomorrow need to navigate ongoing disruption? Is the evolution of programming leading to a no-code/low-code environment? What does it take to truly transform yourself and your organisation from the inside out? Being completely honest with yourself is a start. And who better to share their honest stories of progression than our next guest? Andy Chang has spent the last two decades working with global organisations to transform and construct their customer interactions and in turn, has worked to tirelessly transform himself and his mindset. As a technologist and computer science alumni, Andy’s journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a deep-seated belief in the power of technology to shape human experiences. Now as the Head of Marketing Technology, Engagement Solutions at Electrolux Group, Andy joins us today to share the winding path of his career journey, the evolving landscape of MarTech, and to discuss both the exciting opportunities and the realities that lie ahead. In this episode, we cover:
  • Seizing Opportunities and Navigating Career Paths
  • The Expectations VS Reality of Computer Science & Software Engineering
  • Enhancing Consumer Experience with Personalization
  • The Cost of Transforming into a Data-driven Organisation
  • The Untold Stories about Modern Marketing
  • Dynamics between marketing and technology teams
  • The Calling for Marketing Technologists and Industry Maturity in MarTech
  • Importance of Transparency in Consumer Experiences
  • Adapting to future trends and technological disruptions
  • Leadership of the Future
  • Advice to Future Self