What are Sitecore Workflows and the Workbox


If your content management system (CMS) does not have workflow features, it may be time to upgrade.


A Sitecore workflow gives businesses control over the content review process in Sitecore CMS. This implies that only approved information is published.


New or altered material should always be regulated and reviewed by a second set of eyes to verify it satisfies criteria, tone of voice, and so on.


Using Sitecore workflows speeds up the content generation process and reduces errors.


What are Sitecore Workflows and the Workbox

Sitecore Workflows


Workflows are an effective method of content moderation. They enable firms to implement a content production and review procedure depending on their needs. For example, you may create distinct processes based on departments, goods, locations, and so on.


  • Team A generates material for the website’s Section A. Approver A has given his approval.
  • Team B is in charge of creating material for the website’s Section B. Approver B has given his approval.


In Sitecore, Workflow A and Workflow B are constructed to represent this.


Sitecore workflows may be as basic or as sophisticated as your organization demands. Workflows are made up of three parts: States \sCommands \sActions


The bare minimum is three stages (States) of content creation:


Draft: The content is still being worked on/edited.


Currently Pending Approval: The content has been submitted and is available for review.


Published/Approved: The content has been reviewed and published.


States are given commands. They tell the workflow to shift content from one state to the next. Submit, for example, changes the item from Draft to Awaiting Approval.


Commands are then allocated actions. The Send Email Action, for example, sends an email to the approver informing them that a piece of content is in the Awaiting Approval process stage.


Moving items through workflow states


When you create a new item in Sitecore, such as a new page, it is immediately placed in the Draft workflow state with version 1.


The item remains in the Draft state until the content editor clicks the Submit button to transfer it to the next stage. If the item is rejected, it is returned to the Draft status. The procedure is complete after the item has been accepted and published.


This will be the case until the editor has to change/update approved/published material. When the editor Locks and Edits the material, it is automatically versioned. When Lock and Edit are selected, for example, if version 2 is previously published, version 3 is produced.


To move a content item to the next workflow state, do the following:


  • Navigate to the appropriate item or page in the Sitecore Content Editor or Sitecore Experience Editor.
  • Make modifications to the item and save them.
  • Please submit the item.
  • To move the item to the next workflow state, select the appropriate workflow command.
  • Enter a note about the page in the dialogue box to tell the approver what has changed or what needs to be reviewed.
  • Click the OK button.
  • The item is now in the next workflow state, and new workflow commands are accessible in the approver’s notification bar.


The Sitecore Workbox


The Workbox shows data about things in a certain process.


The Workbox, which is accessible through the Desktop interface and the Sitecore Launchpad, gives an overview of all workflow objects. It allows approvers to manage these things and approve/reject them as needed.


Approvers can preview, open, and compare multiple versions of the same Workbox item.


RSS feeds can also be set to provide notifications when an item is changed or a version of an item changes process status.


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