Designing and Delivering a Winning Practical eCommerce Holiday Promotion


Running a successful ecommerce holiday promotion requires a winning mindset and a practical, actionable strategy. You’ll need to go above and beyond conventional practises to come out on top nowadays, so you’ll need the right tools and knowledge to avoid any missed opportunities.


In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss:

  • Gauging competition and the scope of the market
  • Thinking like a customer to better attract buyers
  • Planning a schedule and budget for your promotions
  • The variety of advertising channels available
  • Best practises for refining your advertising campaigns
  • How to automate your marketing efforts
  • Maintaining an omnichannel presence


There are a lot of moving parts and it can be easy to overlook important considerations, so SmartOSC, Magento and Emarsys have teamed up to make sure you won’t skip a beat during the Q4 holiday rush!

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