eCommerce Website Audit

Fine-tune your site and better meet your customers’ needs

Underperforming sites kill conversion.

You could be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue on the table every year due to a poorly- or non-optimized retail site.

By giving your digital channels a thorough audit, you’ll be able to enhance performance, drive tangible conversion gains and reduce your hosting costs. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team makes sure that you don’t miss out on any future opportunities by helping you to uncover quick wins and rectify concerns all while keeping your load time and safety a top priority.

The best part? We do all of the work, all you need to do is register and you’ll receive a full audit in under 3 days.

Did we mention that we are offering a free trial 38-hour package?



Why site performance audits?


We strongly advise considering site performance audits if your website has the following issues


Conversion and Revenue Impact

When prolonged page load times are harming your conversion rates and online revenue

Traffic-Related Failures

If your website frequently crashes or becomes unstable under heavy traffic loads

Performance Failures

When you're experiencing performance problems, but uncertain about the root causes

Prioritization Challenges

When you're unsure where to begin the optimization process

Validation Needs

You need concrete evidence and insights to confirm if your website is under-perform

The support you’ll get


Executive Audit

We audit all things web-performance, from infrastructure, security, assets, CSS to runtime and rendering (and everything in between).


A Full Report

A full report outlining all issues and problems that exist, as well as immediate and strategic advice for fixing the issues in question.


One-to-One Consultation

A call in which you can ask questions about our findings, and look to discuss longer-term strategies.

*Remember have limited spots available per month. Once we have your registration recorded you’ll hear back from a member of our team to let you when your booking is confirmed.


Why SmartOSC? 


We identify the fastest, most affordable improvements that drive efficiency and tangible results


We live and breathe eCommerce

We are accredited eCommerce specialists, with 18 years’ of experience in optimizing high-performance websites.

We adapt and scale easily

Backed by a team of 1000+ IT experts, SmartOSC can quickly pivot and adapt to changing market conditions, emerging technologies, and evolving customer preferences.

We are an early Magento adopter

Being Asia’s eCommerce community building agency, we’re highly experienced in remedying underperforming websites, improving crucial business metrics.

We have a proven history with leading brands

We helping global businesses achieve measurable growth and stay ahead of the curve.
Team Member



DoHome requested SmartOSC to perform a thorough audit to diagnose their core issues.


This approach allowed both teams to comprehend the brand’s technical state and propose a detailed strategy to resolve all issues, thus improving performance, customer engagement and business results.


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