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News | March 05, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day: 10 Ecommerce Sales Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 17 March 2021. This traditional Irish holiday has spread worldwide beyond just the Irish diaspora as a celebration of the Emerald Isle and all things associated with it.

Like many other seasonal holidays, St. Paddy’s Day is also increasingly a shopping holiday and an opportunity for eCommerce businesses to increase sales. While events and social plans are understandably being kept to a minimum this year due to COVID restrictions and health concerns, a total of US$5.14 billion is expected to be spent on items for the holiday this year and each American plans to spend an average US$40.77 according to the National Retail Federation.

St Patricks Day Stats 2021

Consumer statistics for St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Without further ado, here are 10 marketing and sales tips to get your eCommerce store ready for St. Patrick’s Day:

1. Paint the Town Green

Green has been adopted as the official colour of St. Patrick’s Day, and is ubiquitously associated with Ireland. Change the main colour scheme of your eCommerce store, including banners, buttons and the background, to green. You can be playful with different shades of green to adapt your brand image, while still remaining recognisable to your loyal customers.

2. Add Some Irish Brogue

There are many St. Patrick’s Day phrases and puns that you can use as marketing slogans and in your Email Direct Marketing campaigns, such as:

  • Luck o’ the Irish

  • Top of the morning

  • Leprechauns do it better

  • Shamrock ‘n’ roll

  • Irish you were beer

3. Be Respectful with Stereotypes

While St. Paddy’s is a chance for some lighthearted fun, partying and a few pints of Guinness, be mindful that we’re talking about the cultural traditions of Ireland and its people. The religious origins of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday honour the Christian missionary and bishop Saint Pádraig who was said to have rid Ireland of snakes. It is celebrated on 17th March every year because this is the supposed day that he died.

Bearing this in mind, try not to fall into the trap of cultural appropriation and remember that not everything related to Ireland involves alcohol.

4. Make a Dedicated Landing Page on Your Website

As with other events and product lines, it’s a good idea to make a whole new webpage specifically for St. Patrick’s Day. Make it green (of course) and use it to advertise relevant product packages, and to link to any custom content you have for the holiday.

Having a specialist landing page for St. Patrick’s Day not only helps to orient customers and provide a base for all their St. Paddy’s shopping needs, but it will also help your SEO ranking.

5. Sell Special Products

You can also create a product line especially for the occasion. If you’re in the fashion or jewellery sector, it’s fairly clear that you can make emerald-green T-shirts emblazoned with “Kiss me, I’m Irish” and charm bracelets with four-leaf clovers on them, for example.

For more obscure retail industries you may have to be more creative when coming up with a St. Patrick’s Day product. Just be advised to do some market research to make sure it’ll sell before you move into the product development phase.

6. Pick a Lucky Winner for your Discounts

Make each customer feel like a lucky winner with attractive discounts on a range of products in your online store, and not just the ones related to St. Patrick’s Day. One innovative way of doing this is to ask them to choose between 3 options to find the lucky pot of gold which holds a special discount for them, or to roll virtual dice to try and get a lucky number 7.

Of course, you might want to make everyone a winner in this lucky dip. That way, no one feels left out and every shopper who interacts with your brand is left with a satisfied feeling.

Lucky pot of gold discount privacy pop

Here’s how bed tent retailer Privacy Pop ran a lucky dip via email marketing

7. Post Paid and Organic Content on Social Media

Use your company’s own social media profiles to post updates about the special products you’re selling for the holiday season and the discounts and promotions you’re running, and link back to your St. Patrick’s Day landing page.

Pay for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and paid content on other social media, too. Paid advertising will get you more reach than just organic content, and adds a sheen of professionalism to your eCommerce store that makes customers trust your brand more.

8. Diversify Pickup and Delivery Options

As well as special products, promotions and marketing gimmicks, you’ll need to think about fulfilment options. These days, shoppers want safer delivery and pickup options and more variety to choose from that conforms better to their lifestyle.

For example, Click and Collect has been on the rise during the pandemic, allowing customers to buy online and pick up their purchases in-store. Do it right, and you may see conversions as consumers choose your brand for features that competitors don’t offer.

9. Choose an Omnichannel Commerce Strategy

As well as just order fulfilment, modern customers want a seamless shopping experience in every contact they have with your brand. If they start their product discovery online on one device like desktop, they want your app or website to remember their preferences if they switch to a mobile device, and then to be able to try the product on or pay in cash in-store with no fuss, and with a store assistant who knows exactly what their shopping history is.

Uniting shopping channels to make an Omnichannel retail strategy like this helps to improve customer experience at all times of the year, not just on eCommerce shopping holidays.

10. Host an Event

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a time of year for friends and family to get together and celebrate with a few drinks and raucous singing of Irish folk ditties. In 2021, it’s safest if those get-togethers abide by local laws and the rules of common sense to protect from COVID infection.

Set up an online event like a mass video call with giveaways, games and more for participants. You could even consider a livestream commerce video on social media or on your eCommerce website as an alternative retail channel.

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