SmartOSC Elevates Partnership Status To Platinum With Gartner-Acknowledged Digital Experience Platform


In November 2023, SmartOSC, the leading full-service eCommerce and digital transformation agency, proudly announced its elevation to Platinum Partner with Magnolia—a Digital Experience Platform recognized twice as Visionary by Gartner® Magic Quadrantᵀᴹ. This significant achievement follows SmartOSC’s earlier recognition as the Rising Partner of the Year at the Magnolia APAC Partner Summit 2023.

Magnolia Platinum

Magnolia, acknowledging SmartOSC as an “expert in technology and software development,” lauded the agency for its expertise in simplifying and accelerating digital initiatives through scalable and cost-effective composable digital experiences projects. This upgrade stands as a testament to SmartOSC’s strategic approach and unwavering commitment to continuously invest in advancing hyper-personalized customer experiences for the benefit of its clients.

Magnolia is thrilled to elevate SmartOSC to Platinum Partner status, recognizing their exceptional expertise in technology and software development. SmartOSC’s commitment to delivering scalable, composable digital experiences aligns seamlessly with Magnolia’s vision. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in our collaborative journey, aimed at fostering growth, driving digital transformation, and creating unparalleled digital experiences for our customers around the world”, Don Lee, Managing Director of Magnolia APAC.

At SmartOSC, we take great pride in powering flexible, digital commerce experiences for some of the world’s most successful brands. As we witness a shift away from monolithic application solutions towards modular approaches, composable commerce is our promise to future-proof our clients against whatever tomorrow brings. This Platinum partnership status is a testament to our work in further empowering enterprises with standout digital experiences across every customer journey”, Duong Bui, Regional Director of SmartOSC Australia, highlighted the shared vision between SmartOSC and Magnolia.

Magnolia and SmartOSC’s collaborative endeavor has recently ushered in a revolutionary transformation in Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock Bank’s (SHB) customer experience benchmarks. SmartOSC’s in-depth consulting expertise, along with Magnolia’s specialized digital experience platform, has solidified SHB’s standing as a trailblazer in the digital banking landscape.

Moving forward together, SmartOSC and Magnolia are fully committed to a collaborative journey powered by trust, flexibility, and open conversations. This partnership is set to extend to co-hosted events and intensive training programs, emphasizing their mutual goal for growth and success in driving digital transformation across the globe.

About Magnolia

Magnolia is the world’s leading composable Digital Experience Platform, with over 450 enterprise customers, thousands of Community Edition deployments, and more than 200 certified Magnolia Partners around the world.

Magnolia APAC Partner Summit 2023 is a premium forum bringing together respected partners, acknowledging partner success, innovative work, and dedication to customer success using the Magnolia platform in the APAC region.

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About SmartOSC

With 18 years of operation, SmartOSC is an industry-leading full-service eCommerce agency with 1000+ experts across countries, including Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, the US, and the UK. With deep experience across most enterprise platforms and technology stacks, our customers choose us because we can solve complex implementations at scale, as evidenced by 1,000+ successfully launched projects.