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We are Backbase Strategic Partner


When today’s customers evaluate financial institutions, they don’t compare different banks, but experiences. Everything in their lives as consumers is better than ever, with real-time, smart digital services being delivered daily via their smartphones. 


Moving to this sort of digital experience war zones is difficult with legacy technology. SmartOSC utilizes the Backbase platform to develop new, exciting, customer-centric experiences for our banking clients. This is part of our growing fintech division, helping clients modernize and stay ahead of the fast pace of change in the banking industry.


We have designed three banking solutions for local market specifications, helping reduce cost and fasten implementation time.

We are Backbase Strategic Partner

We built solutions designed for local market specifications, helping reduce cost and fasten implementation time


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We built solutions designed for local market specifications

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Explore our own Retail Banking Solution

SmartOSC strives to transform retail banking through Backbase

Localize world-class banking experience

Help banks thrive in the modern financial and business environment

With access to the world-class excellence of Backbase, SmartOSC has solutions tailored for each local market. SmartOSC is also partnered with industry leaders such as Facetec and CRIF.

Boost cost efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your organization, support business growth

With an experienced team in digital banking as well as platforms, and proven case studies across the region, our customers can reduce implementation costs by up to 60%.
optimizing the digital experience.

Optimize time-to-market

Companies can start generating revenue from their products sooner

By using our out-of-the-box banking modules, banks can shorten their time to market when going digital by implementing their first MVP within four months.

Why SmartOSC for Backbase projects?

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Time and cost optimization

Using our out-of-the-box banking modules, we implement the first MVP within four months and reduce costs by up to 60%.

Technical prowess

We're digital commerce experts with over 1200 projects under our belt.

Customer mindset

Everything we do is framed by our client's customers. We put ourselves in their shoes for your success.

Data-driven positivity

We're realistic and optimistic. Hard data informs our tactics, but our passion is to exceed expectations.

Serving APAC and beyond

Our global teams serve clients from Vietnam to Europe - we know how to localize for effective banking solutions.

Trusted by leading brands

Diverse solutions for global clients.