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Get to know BAEMIN

BAEMIN, an online application, is managed by Woowa Brothers Vietnam, a key participant in a joint venture between Woowa Brothers, the premier food delivery company in Korea, and Delivery Hero, the global leader in local delivery services with operations in over 50 countries.

They curently have 20.000 monthly app downloads, 82.6M weekly app visits and tons of love from our loyal users.


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Bottleneck In The Speed Of Market Share Expansion

In the beginning, BAEMIN found itself in a hard position – the brand was new while its competitors were already well-established in the cutting-through market. To speed up its growth, BAEMIN needed to acquire drivers and restaurants quickly. However, it was difficult for them to process partner applications due to the complex paperwork, slowing down the onboarding process for new merchants and riders.

To overcome these challenges, BAEMIN decided to use a digital CRM solution. This would make the process more efficient, improve the entire partner onboarding process, and eliminate unnecessary steps in the system, helping the business scale.

Undefined Customer Journeys

At the same time, starting fresh in the business was somehow an advantage for BAEMIN. The fresh start provided opportunities to delve into customers’ journeys, gaining insights into their behaviors, market trends, and eating habits. BAEMIN aimed to use these insights from their database to refine processes, elevate their approach to the market, and enhance customer care strategies.

Tài xế Baemin
Tài xế Baemin

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“I’m confident that SmartOSC can be a valuable partner to assist your company in initiating the digitalization of processes, streamlining operations, and establishing a platform for creating new customer experiences. This collaboration will lead to a deeper understanding of your customers and potentially open up new business approaches through the implementation of digital technologies and innovations.”

Long TranProject Manager, BAEMIN Vietnam

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Digital Transformation For Scalable Expansion

SmartOSC was the partner that helps standardizing BAEMIN’s processes, migrating them to the Zoho platform, and providing guidance on optimal utilization of the platform. This encompassed the establishment of accounts, defining processes, and determining the underlying logic. The process extended to comprehensive user training, ensuring seamless and fluent utilization of the system by Baemin’s staff.

Following the successful achievement of initial deployment goals, SmartOSC focused on system flexibility and optimization for scalability. This includes accommodating changes such as adjusting the number of restaurant owners/drivers, adding new groups of owners/drivers, and modifying approval procedures. Leveraging features like cloud storage and flow creation, the CRM system maintains flexibility, scalability, and readiness to accommodate the growth of BAEMIN’s driver and restaurant owner base.

Centralized Data To Drive Optimal Experiences

BAEMIN’s CRM system serves as a powerful tool for digital transformation. Beyond being a storage repository, it constitutes a comprehensive, unified, and standardized master data set. This interconnected data set forms profiles for drivers and shop owners, continuously updating in real-time. Reviews from various platforms, including application platforms, customer care channels, forums, and social networks, are seamlessly integrated. This integration enables businesses to monitor and promptly address concerns, ensuring the highest level of customer experience.

Time Optimization Through Automation

CRM support tools have effectively addressed the challenge of time-consuming manual tasks in sales, marketing, and customer support. Using an automated approval flows to adapt flexibly to diverse task requirements, BAEMIN ensures documents are efficiently delivered to the relevant individuals in the correct order of responsibility. Consequently, processes such as electronic contracts, onboarding new partners, and terminating partnerships with old associates occur swiftly and professionally through an online system.