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Known for its groundbreaking air conditioning and climate control solutions, DAIKIN stands out as a key player in Vietnam’s industrial landscape. Their commitment to advanced technology and sustainability positions them as leaders in the industry. In adapting to the post-Covid era, DAIKIN sought to swiftly modernize its operations, transitioning from traditional paperwork to an efficient E-Office system.





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Complicated And Inconvenient Request Approval Process

DAIKIN faces difficulties managing activities among its 1000+ employees due to decreased work efficiency caused by paper-based congestion. Delays in document processing and approvals haunt employees, directly impacting interdepartmental communication.

Vast Volume Of Files

As DAIKIN extends its operations, it encounters millions of files encompassing employee data, product information, and various processes. This surge in data adds strain to the company’s management system, compounding the challenges of time-consuming and less accurate document processing.

A Quest For A Comprehensive Transformation

DAIKIN aims for a comprehensive digital transformation of its internal processes, focusing on:

  • Boosting document approval process efficiency
  • Establishing and supporting a robust storage and record management system
  • Centralizing document storage
  • Improving communication quality between production, distribution, and sales departments
Chức năng Econo của điều hòa Daikin là gì

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“SmartOSC’s DX solution has truly revitalized our company. Workflows are transparent, issues are swiftly resolved, decisions are made promptly – creating a sense of dynamism, fairness, and fostering a stronger bond among employees and the company. Currently, DAIKIN Vietnam approximates that about 80% of our existing processes are now on the online platform. Looking ahead, our focus is on further optimizing the remaining processes to achieve a full 100% integration.”

Nguyen Tuan DungProjet Manager, DAIKIN Vietnam

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Our tools for success

SmartOSC focuses on four core functions to improve DAIKIN’s internal information processing:

Building An Online Internal Process Channel

DAIKIN’s first step in enhancing its internal information processing involves establishing a fast, precise online framework. This serves as the central hub for managing work records, facilitating information exchange, and overseeing operations. Throughout, SmartOSC ensures continual information safety and transparency.

Automating Approval And Signing Processes

SmartOSC’s E-Office system automates document processes, handling approvals and notifications online, customized for different departments. It enables remote task management once information is stored in the cloud, organizing Daikin’s documents for faster request processing and enhanced productivity.

Removing Communication Barriers Between Departments

SmartOSC’s E-Office system manages internal operations online, automatically storing communication and approval flows. It resolves Daikin’s connectivity challenge among Office, Factory, and Distribution units, ensuring seamless and efficient functioning within the company’s structure.

User Training

SmartOSC also aids DAIKIN Vietnam employees with specialized E-Office training, enabling them to master the system and generate extra functions effortlessly when needed.