Seamless Intergration and Transformation

Get to know Fupay

Fupay is a first-of-its-kind lifestyle management platform that enables young millennials to gain a comprehensive understanding of their cash flow requirements. It combines contemporary money management techniques with the capacity to access Buy Now Pay Later services across all lifestyle categories, including essential expenses like groceries and household bills. Additionally, users can explore personalized savings and rewards through the platform.

Fupay offers three BNPL features: Fu Card, Fu Cash, and Fu Bills. The Fu Card is a digital card that can be loaded with any amount of money from $20 to $500 and used anywhere. You may have up to $200 deposited into your Fu Cash account, which you can use however you want. If you use Fu Bills, you can have Fupay cover the cost of a bill up to $500 if it can be paid using BPAY.


Targeted solutions 

Develop a Shopify app to control Fupay banner’s visibility

They wanted to develop a Shopify app to increase the traffic to their homepage. This can be achieve by having control over the visibility of Fupay’s banner across key sections:

  • Home
  • Product Catalog
  • Shopping Cart screen

The project scope encompassed:

  • System and Database Design
  • Backend and Frontend Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Template Development for the App
  • Creation of a Store-front Landing Page
  • Business Analysis
  • Go-Live Support
  • Ongoing Production Assistance

Our tools for success

Phase 1: Seamless Integration

In the first phase of the Fupay integration, the objective was clear: facilitate easy access for merchants to incorporate Fupay’s branding into their Shopify stores. This was achieved through the creation of a downloadable JavaScript (JS) file that merchants could effortlessly install on their Shopify platform. Once installed, this file dynamically displayed Fupay’s marketing materials, including the logo, on key pages:

  • Cart Page
  • Home Page
  • Products Page

While not mandatory, the system was designed with the flexibility for merchants to choose which specific pages they wished to display Fupay’s branding, providing a customizable touch to the integration.

Phase 2: QRCode Payment Integration

The second phase focused on advancing the Fupay integration to empower merchants with the capability to facilitate “pay with Fupay” transactions using QR codes. To accomplish this, merchants were given the option to install Fupay as a plugin, enhancing the accessibility and ease of integration.

Much like the first phase, Fupay’s marketing materials were seamlessly integrated into merchant websites. However, the highlight of this phase was the introduction of QR codes on the cart page. To accomplish this, an API was developed, enabling merchants to pass essential data such as the “merchant_id” and the transaction “amount.” In return, the API generated a QR code that was prominently displayed on the screen.

Upon a user’s scan of the QR code, they were seamlessly redirected to Fupay’s application for transaction processing. Collaboration between Fupay and Shopify was crucial to ensure the successful confirmation of payments back to the Shopify platform.

Together, these two phases exemplify the commitment of Fupay to provide a smooth, versatile, and powerful integration solution for merchants, enabling them to harness the benefits of Fupay seamlessly within their eCommerce ecosystem.

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