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Get to know Jaspal

Since the first JASPAL boutique opened over 50 years ago, Jaspal Group (JASPAL CO., LTD.), has grown into a leader in Thailand’s fashion retail industry.


Today, the company designs and distributes clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, and other fashion lifestyle items under popular brands such as JASPAL, CPS CHAPS, LYN, CC DOUBLE O, Lyn around, Jelly Bunny, Misty Mynx, ROYAL IVY REGATTA and QUINN. The company is an importer and distributor for a number of global fashion brands in Thailand, including FRED PERRY, Melissa, Shoebar, ASICS, and DIESEL.


The company has expanded its business from its fashion core to cafés under the brand C.P.S. COFFEE and beauty business under LYN BEAUTY to offer a complete lifestyle experience. Today, the company operates over 400 fashion stores in Thailand and 70 in other ASEAN countries.


Targeted solutions for

The changing landscape of retail

Businesses have had to adapt to disruptions in digital commerce from both the pandemic and changing consumer behavior. Jaspal also desires to maintain its competitive edge among Asian brands through a future-forward approach, forever innovating its eCommerce presence.

Technical obstacles

Jaspal Group had a huge portfolio of online stores built in different periods of time. This meant that even though all of them were running on Adobe Commerce, the versions for each brand varied. Jaspal Group understood that these disparate versions could present obstacles for future expansion and developing new capabilities. 

A long-term journey for global expansion

With a strategy to keep their core team compact but still be able to increase productivity and focus on important tasks, Jaspal needed a partner to improve functionality, performance and manage health across all sites. Specifically, we worked to improve maintenance, monitoring and security and developing new features.


Our tools for success

Smooth and comprehensive upgrade

SmartOSC enhanced the business as a whole by implementing Magento 2.4.5 to all sites. This upgrade went smoothly and streamlined Jaspal’s online business operations, simplifying payment processing and order fulfillment workflow. Jaspal can now quickly launch new features and new marketing campaigns.

SmartOSC also assisted Jaspal with QA including  automation testing, performance testing, application development and more.

A touch of personalization

Jaspal also wanted to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion by integrating a payment gateway. This allowed customers to use their preferred payment option and have an effortless, individualized shopping experience.

Implement a new checkout process

SmartOSC enabled a new checkout flow for Lyn Around to enhance the shopping experience.

The new checkout flow has brought tremendous benefits to the eCommerce site and is now the standard checkout process for all other brands under Jaspal Group. The process has been integrated into the LYN eCommerce store and will be a crucial technology for the growth of its brands for years to come.

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