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Get to know OCB

Established in 1996, Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB) currently has more than 200 business units spread across all regions and key economic centers across the country. Rated as the leading bank in Vietnam in terms of operational efficiency with sustainable growth potential, OCB has gradually risen to the top of the group of private banks in Vietnam according to three criteria: growth rate, safety and efficiency.

In 2023, OCB was the No. 1 position joint stock commercial bank in terms of profit growth rate and No. 3 in terms of return on capital efficiency.


Targeted solutions for

Embracing a new omnichannel strategy

To excel in the competitive fintech landscape, OCB aimed to develop a personalized digital banking ecosystem tailored to each customer across all touchpoints. This initiative involved digitizing every customer interaction to deliver seamless services through mobile applications and computer platforms. Key priorities included a rapid six-month deployment, complete control over customization, and robust local support for implementation and future enhancements.

Their vision is to utilize Backbase’s engagement banking platform to seamlessly integrate all aspects of traditional banking into a next-generation system, creating a smooth and comprehensive experience for all transactions, while eliminating the fragmentation present in the current model.

Accelerating customer growth

OCB’s goal is to double the number of users in the first year after the platform goes live and reach 10 million monthly users by the fifth year. Thus, this project is set to revolve around three key pillars: ensuring the product go-live within 6 months, granting full control over the construction – ownership – customization of the bank’s unique requirements, and providing local support resources for implementation and future project needs.


Success mentality



“Vietnam is positioned as the fastest-growing digital economy in Southeast Asia. In this context, rapid market access to ensure high-quality interaction with customers is crucial for banks to gain priority in the market. I am delighted to officially launch OCB OMNI version 4.0 today with the efficient Backbase Engagement Banking Platform, maintaining our commitment to operational readiness within 6 months along with a range of modern financial services.”

Pham Hong HaiActing Chief Executive Director, OCB

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Innovative omnichannel digital banking solution

SmartOSC realized OCB’s vision by implementing Backbase’s EBP, aligning seamlessly with the bank’s modern banking ethos and customer-centric focus.

The resulting digital bank, OCB OMNI 4.0, offers a suite of financial products and utilities in a simple yet contemporary and personalized customer experience, ensuring fast, secure, and convenient transactions available 24/7. The app offers modern and convenient digital banking services such as account opening and management, money transfers, bill payments, card services, deposits, loans, and many other outstanding features.

A rapid rollout for localization

Time posed a significant challenge as OCB set a requirement for implementation within 6 months, but it succeeded against all odds. Thanks to the efforts of all parties involved, OCB OMNI 4.0 was launched precisely as promised within just 6 months. Furthermore, the Backbase interactive banking platform has enabled OCB to surpass many banks in the industry in fulfilling the commitment to prioritize customers and digital transformation.

This success is further amplified by expediting the deployment of products, services, and features via the Backbase interactive banking platform. This swift setup process encompasses essential features such as account management, deposits, bill payments, card services, loans, all tailored to suit the unique characteristics of the Vietnamese market.

User security priority

The OCB OMNI 4.0 digital bank employs FIDO security technology, utilizing robust encryption algorithms and multi-layered security to sign each transaction, deemed the safest option currently available. Coupled with OCB’s readiness to implement biometric authentication starting from July 1, 2024, as per State Bank Decision 2345, the aim is to enhance security, ensure safety, and optimize protection of users’ financial information.

To personalize the customer experience in terms of both interface and transaction support, OCB OMNI 4.0 integrates modern technologies such as: customers can utilize an intuitive suggestion app with just 2 clicks, proactively split large transactions for quick money transfers, and categorize transactions to manage expenses, among other conveniences.

Team Member

SmartOSC Facilitates OCB’s Launch of OMNI 4.0 App

OCB OMNI 4.0 has set a new standard in the digital banking sector with features that meet the immediate satisfaction, speed, and convenience needs of Vietnamese consumers.