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Get to know Sacombank

Established in 1991, Sacombank is one of the pioneering commercial banks in Ho Chi Minh City and the first commercial joint stock bank to be listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. Sacombank is among the first seven banks in Vietnam authorized to issue domestic cards featuring EMV chip technology, optimizing card information and enabling contactless payments.


Success mentality



“As a top global bank (Brand Finance), Sacombank sets high standards for its partners. Choosing SmartOSC for this website revamp project, which incorporates cutting-edge user behavior analysis technology, we are proud to be Vietnam’s leading bank in personalizing the customer journey. The swift and efficient deployment capabilities of SmartOSC played a crucial role in accelerating our launch, providing both Sacombank’s internal team and our customers with a seamless and convenient experience. Since the website’s transformation, Sacombank has doubled its traffic, while the number of website leads has surged by 2.5 times. User behavior data is continuously collected to optimize the customer journey, ensuring quick response to our customers’ evolving financial experience needs.”

Tran Thai BinhChief Digital Officer, Sacombank


The project started with

Being Outdated in a Customer-first World

Sacombank’s existing website is facing numerous issues stemming from its outdated interface and ineffective information display. Additionally, while a significant number of its user base rely heavily on smartphones, the UI/UX is not optimized for mobile devices.

There is a pressing need for a responsive website featuring modern designs and improved information presentation.

A Quest for Greater Customer Personalization

Sacombank wanted a customer-centric approach for their individual customers. The driving force behind the new website project is the capability to track customer behavior, enabling the delivery of targeted and personalized experiences.

This strategic project is set to enrich user interactions and streamline customer support for heightened efficiency.


Our tools for success

Comprehensive Website Revamp

Sacombank chose to move to a more robust content management system, the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform. The focus of the website revamp revolves around 3 key aspects: better compatibility across all browsers and devices, improved organization of information to address customer inquiries with faster load times, and an enhanced personalized experience.

The implementation of AEM has brought several improvements to user interaction and website functionality, empowering the Marketing department to:

  • Introduce advanced features through seamless social media integration
  • Streamline customer registration processes via User-friendly online registration forms with efficient management tools
  • Create and modify forms, ensuring versatility in layout design via a WYSIWYG interface employment
  • Prevent spam and ensure the integrity of user interactions via a Captcha verification
  • Craft and promote microsites and landing pages through seamlessly integrated primary website forms
  • Create entertaining games like crosswords, puzzles, and word searches within the CMS for added engagement
  • Deploy survey forms and rating system to collect customer feedback on services, products or articles

Enhanced Personalization for Banking Customers

With this project, Sacombank has become a pioneering bank in Vietnam to deliver personalized content tailored to specific audience segments.

The website’s tracking mechanisms and the integration of an existing Chatbot have allowed for customer interactions and usage behavior monitoring (such as time on site, pages visited, information inquiry, etc.). Utilizing this data, personalized content is showcased based on past engagements or service user groups.

At the same time, CMS members’ roles and permissions are defined to streamline content management. Now employees have been set up within Sacombank’s multilayered authorization system based on their identity, role, and other factors. Data and reports can only be shared within specified groups, protecting the data, enhancing the personalization targeting while complying with banking regulations.

System Connection and Integration

Automatic updates have been seamlessly integrated to provide customers with the latest financial data, including exchange rates, gold prices, interest rates, currency transactions, bond prices, and foreign exchange rates.

The system also seamlessly incorporates online registration capabilities for various financial transactions such as foreign exchange purchases, borrowing limits, future deposit calculations, and support for salary payments.

Simultaneously, a branch & ATM locator featuring intelligent radius-based suggestions is introduced for enhanced customer convenience.

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