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Get to know The Mall Group

The Mall Group (TMG) is a prominent retail and entertainment conglomerate based in Thailand. It manages various shopping malls, department stores, and entertainment complexes. The company has effectively expanded its operations and has emerged as one of Thailand’s foremost mall operators, boasting an extensive portfolio.

TMG’s vision is to continually position itself as Thailand’s ultimate shopping destination for businesses, entertainment, and lifestyle through offline and online channels.


Targeted solutions 

Regular health checks for the brand’s eCommerce operations are critical. Focusing specifically on Infrastructure, TMG is committed to ensuring the adoption of AWS best practices and mitigating infrastructure-related risks.

To gain valuable insights into the overall state of eCommerce and, more specifically, the state of Infrastructure, TMG is seeking a team with:

  • Expertise in eCommerce system assessment and cloud architecture
  • A-level cloud certifications and is well-versed in Order Management Systems and all versions and editions of Magento
  • Capability to support the TMG team in identifying potential risks and enhancing online sales revenue.

Our tools for success

SmartOSC has harnessed cutting-edge industry assessment tools and adhered to AWS Best Practices and Key Pillars to meticulously assess TMG’s eCommerce system and Infrastructure. This comprehensive approach uncovered all potential risks and laid the groundwork for solutions to bolster infrastructure security and trim infrastructure expenses. Notable recommendations include:

  • Transitioning from traditional server systems to a containerized architecture
  • Implementing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes for seamless and efficient software delivery
  • Employing a centralized integration layer built on serverless technology
  • Containerizing the architecture using spot instances for production environments

Growth unlocked

  • Optimized resource allocation and simplified deployment through containerization
  • Streamlined data integration, enhancing overall business operational efficiency
  • Improved development productivity, efficiency, time-to-market

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