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Established in 1972, Club 21 began as a small boutique in Singapore’s Tanglin Shopping Centre. The fashion retailer began by primarily focusing on curation of luxury fashion, eventually working their way to becoming a leading purveyor of luxury fashion with more than 400 brick and mortar stores across 11 countries.

In 2016, seeing the shift in fashion consumers spending more time shopping online, Club 21 was ready to take the next step to transform their retail strategy with the launch of To do this, Club 21 sought the help of reputable Magento developers, as they lacked an in-house team capable of such a project. SmartOSC was eventually selected, successfully delivering the project under budget and ahead of schedule, enabling Club 21 to cater for the new generation of online shoppers.


  • Deliverable to 51 countries
  • Shared checkout basket
  • Newsletter featuring new arrivals and best buys​
  • Seamless shopping experience between desktop & mobile
  • Shop with five different currencies
  • Shop, earn and redeem
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The new journey

Fashion brands nowadays reach their customers in plenty of ways, such as in stores, or on mobile, desktop, and social media. The challenge is, you can never be sure which channels your customers are going to use to get in touch with your brand. Customers can experience a disconnection from brands that do not know how to coordinate those channels.

While this can be difficult to accommodate for, it does pose great potential for stores to differentiate themselves. Omnichannel was developed as an answer to this challenge of managing multiple channels especially for fashion retailers.

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The Challenge

For Club 21, it was important to ensure that the new system offered an experience as luxurious as their products. Alongside managing premium fashion brands such as Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Balenciaga, Mulberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith, Club 21 also features curation of diverse talented designer collections. Believing in continuous improvement, the fashion retailer aim to ensure that their shopping online experience is inspiring, convenient, and intuitive for all.

Club 21 sought a design solution that best presented their collection. Their e-commerce site has to be scalable, as they aims to expand their market internationally. Leveraging on their current 400 brick and mortar stores, the site needs to stay connected with the stores to create a seamless, connected experience for customers.

SmartOSC was engaged to launch its newly-enhanced e-commerce website that is optimized for mobile and tablet, marking an important milestone in its omnichannel strategy.

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Our Solutions

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The platform

Magento Enterprise was the platform of choice for this project. Using the power of Magento, the new e-commerce site offers a highly customized new look, in addition to providing a seamless, mobile-friendly checkout process across both the adults and kids sites. Magento’s scalability and internationally focused functions makes it ideal for such a successful and ambitious brand as Club 21.

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Omnichannel was an important element of the upgrade process. Users can enjoy a revamped find-a-store function, and can access all customer service touch points online using a new innovative and responsive design, integrating the online experience with in-store and adding value to both. A variety of helpful features were also deployed. Features such as sharable wishlists, viewable transaction history, and a ‘Login, shop, earn and redeem’ system were implemented and sync across its channels, bringing their services more inline with other large e-commerce websites.

Mobile commerce continues to grow in popularity, so the Club 21 mobile site was a big focus for this project. To make the experience consistent across devices, a wireframe was drawn up and developed for the mobile site, sharing a very similar design and so becoming a continuation of the main desktop site. However, many elements were adapted and optimized for the smaller screen, such as the collapsible menus and the layout. Despite these differences, Club 21 on mobile still offers the same overall design and functionality of the desktop, meaning customers do not miss out on anything.

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Support for orders being made in five currencies (SGD, USD, THB, AUD and HKD) was added, as well as shipping to more than 50 countries. These features were important for the globally minded Club 21 website, allowing them to provide a more targeted and localized service in the markets they operate. The pre-built internationalization enhancement features in Magento Enterprise allow the brand to easily manage and add to these services going forward.

Results A Year After Implementation

Going Forward

Club 21 has seen continued success with their brand, thanks in part to their newly built e-commerce platform. Magento 2 has enabled them to revitalize their website and breathe new life into customer experiences. 
Going forward, Club 21 will maintain focus on their omnichannel strategy to help their customers access and contact their brand however they want to. They have built a long term relationship with SmartOSC for ongoing support and consultation, to ensure they continue to promote and offer fresh experiences to customers, and remain one of the most fashion-forward style emporiums in Asia.