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ASUS Singapore


ASUS is one of Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies, and is dedicated to creating products for today and tomorrow’s smart life. ASUS employs more than 16,000 people worldwide with over 5,000 world-class R&D talents.

Driven by innovation and committed to quality, the company won 4,511 awards and earned approximately US$13 billion of revenue in 2017, $5.5 billion of which came from the Singapore region.


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Unified B2B & B2C
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Consolidated commercial and B2C support

The New Journey

ASUS Singapore wanted to bring together and improve their relationship with key distributors in the region. The plan to achieve this was to allow all B2B tracking, sales, and fulfillment directly through the new webstore while serving the B2C market simultaneously.

“The current ASUS website is the best place to explore our wide range of products. Adding the ecommerce site will deliver a more convenient and immediate shopping solution in addition to all our branded stores and authorised retailers. Hosting our own ecommerce site also aligns with our ongoing effort in providing our customers a seamless O2O shopping experience and an attractive rewards program.”

-Emma Ou, Country Manager, ASUS Singapore 

ASUS Singapore Case Study


How We Did It


Magento’s recent acquisition by Adobe enables sellers to combine the capabilities of a highly customizable eCommerce platform with market-leading content management and analytics. Extensibility, a deep partner network, and recognition for their leading strategy/vision to address the unique needs of B2B sellers are all benefits with Magento.

ASUS recognized the need for a scalable platform that would encourage B2C and B2B growth. SmartOSC and ASUS have full confidence in Magento to be the best eCommerce platform to get the project to market fast and be flexible enough to support their aggressive goals for years to come.



The focus for the new site is to centralize ASUS Singapore’s online and offline activities. Previously, tracking inventory through traditional channels across B2C and B2B markets was inefficient and tedious.

The solution is a merger of the two systems, permitting fully integrated inventory management and allowing the company to easily track the movement of products throughout the region from both online sales and through distributors while offering order collection and in-store self check-out through an integrated POS frontend.


ASUS not only sells completed computer products, but also individual components to allow their customers more flexibility in adjusting the performance of their computers. The Republic of Gamers (ROG), ASUS’ gaming line of laptops and desktops allows users to take advantage of this customization to ensure their systems can keep up with the high demands of sophisticated, modern computer games while still running smoothly.

Now, ASUS offers full product customization from their website. Customers can build their dream computer from scratch using any combination of components supplied by ASUS. The computer will be assembled and shipped straight to the client's door based on all of their specifications.



The emphasis on managing B2B and B2C simultaneously will be a decisive factor in contributing to ASUS’ sustainable growth in Singapore. SmartOSC’s familiarity with Magento’s ecosystem allowed for the painless implementation of various systems and customizations, which will assist ASUS in executing their eCommerce vision. This unified approach will allow ASUS to continue to expand their operations in the Singapore region.

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