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N-essentials is an ecommerce business that sells DIY skincare products. Their online store is the central hub where customers can take advantage of their unique, customisable approach to offering personalised skincare products.

“Ever since 2012, N-essentials has been providing solutions for the skincare and personal care needs of consumers as well as SMEs in the industry. When you as a consumer make your own end-use products, you have the benefit of knowing exactly what ingredients are contained in the product and how the product was made.”

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Enhanced Engagement and Design
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Improved Stability and Performance
25-50% Increased Conversion Rate
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Simplified Fulfillment Processes
Streamlined Extensions and Plug-ins
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Total Replatforming and Migration

The New Journey

On the previous platform, N-essentials relied on a large number of plug-ins that would overload the system while affecting performance and often conflicting with each other. This required time-consuming and unnecessary manual attention. The native BigCommerce system comes loaded with many of the required features, preventing the need to rely on extensions that would not communicate well with each other.


The new site would also provide a more sophisticated platform for engaging customers through powerful marketing tools and consistent performance. N-essentials offers customers an individualised experience so providing a smooth visit from start to finish is most important.




SmartOSC was able to leverage BigCommerce’s feature-rich platform to execute the needs of N-Essentials. Customer, order, product and review information was seamlessly migrated from the original platform providing uninterrupted service to their customer base.

Domestic Payment and Logistic Solutions

N-Essentials’ business needs were assessed and the necessary adjustments made to optimise their payment and shipping processes. Now customers can depend on fast delivery with consistent and secure payment options.

SEO and Design Optimisation


The design and theme for N-Essentials’ site was overhauled to make it easier for visitors to navigate and find what they’re looking for. The new design is also more SEO-friendly, meaning the visibility in search engines will be enhanced, increasing traffic to the site.

Going Forward

N-Essentials can now focus on what they do best - innovating the way customers purchase skin care products. Their new site will offer a faster, more secure, and indulgent experience for their customers while ensuring data protection and fast delivery.

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