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ZeroUV was founded in 2001 as a curated online boutique of high quality eyewear and accessories, with the aim of bringing customers the latest in eyewear fashion for a fraction of their retail prices. ZeroUV directly works with well-respected fashion brands in order to provide the best products and provide a personalized online shopping experience.


Advanced Warehouse Fulfillment Software
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Revamped Sales Channels
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Multiple Store Management
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Pick and Pack Method Adopted
Real Time Stock Levels
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New Distribution Infrastructure

The New Journey


Each online sales channel has their own method to manage the sellers’ stock and order information, so it’s especially important to manage warehouse and order fulfillment across different channels effectively for the best customer experience. Managing multiple online stores, ZeroUV faced the difficulty with updating accurate stock status and managing fulfillment from each channel. Their system was also inefficient and counter-intuitive for the fulfillment team when delivering the orders.


ZeroUV wanted to revamp and unite their sales channels together with the warehouse using a custom built system. They also wanted to manage and organize the orders from different channels to make the fulfillment process more efficient.




The warehouse management and order fulfillment system need to be well linked with each of their online stores to provide united, accurate warehouse status across their own website and other sales channels such as Amazon and help seamlessly deliver orders to customers.

Using the Laravel platform, SmartOSC developed the new middleware system as a means of synchronizing all the online sales channels with the warehouse. This centralized hub is able to synchronize warehouse product data with stock data that stores in each sales channel in real-time. A PHP team consisting of experienced eCommerce business analysts and developers provided by SmartOSC was brought into the project to work with the ZeroUV eCommerce team in developing this system.




The warehouse fulfillment process and procedures were redesigned to coincide with the launch of the new middleware system. The new system is core to ZeroUV's pick and pack operations, which is able to automatically process order information from different channels, match orders to product code and assign each order to a specific product address in the warehouse. That helps ZeroUV to effectively fulfill each and every order, save time, and increase the accuracy of the operation.

The new middleware system also allows for synchronization between channels, providing up to date information with manual input. This fulfillment system orchestrates the coordination between different departments in the fulfillment process that helps accommodate customers who want to choose exactly the products they want, while also being faster and more cost effective. These optimizations also help to cut down the time from the initial order to the delivery, while accounting for whichever store they use.



After successfully deploying the system, SmartOSC was retained to provide ongoing support services to ensure the system runs smoothly and ZeroUV is always empowered to best serve their customers. Further upgrades have been planned to keep up with expansion, and both SmartOSC and ZeroUV are optimistic about the future.

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