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Friso is a high-quality baby and infant nutritional supplement from FrieslandCampina, the largest dairy cooperative in the world. Based in the Netherlands, FrieslandCampina manufactures and markets the company’s dairy products and fruit based products to more than 100 countries.

A/B Testing
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Enhanced Marketing Capabilities
Responsive Across all Devices
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Payment Gateways Integration
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Redesigned User Interface
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Local Fulfillment Integration

The New Journey

With a global ambition, their ecommerce site serves the purpose of helping Friso further expand in the international market and finding new ways to reach their customers. As such, their website would need to be ready to grow locally and cater for the new market.


Their new website should be able to keep up to pace with the ambitions of the brand, and allow customers in Singapore and Indonesia to buy from Friso with ease. The website needed a major redesign to make online shoppers feel welcome, while being easy to navigate and consistent with brand identity. Along with the desktop website, the mobile store would also need to be improved to reflect modern trends.

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SmartOSC stepped in to revamp Friso’s website and build new and improved experiences. This involved a redesign of the user interface to be more customer-friendly and mobile compatible and to improve navigation across the website. This was all designed with their target audience in mind, mainly the parents of newborn children.


For a more diverse range of payment options, the Braintree and VeriTrans payment gateways were integrated. These gateways offer multi-channel payment solutions, including local and international payment methods, while also offering secure payment options to ensure the effective protection of customer information.


Marketing and promotional capabilities were developed as a way of promoting their brand and adding value for customers. Mailchimp was chosen as the automated email marketing platform due to its deliverability, practical capability for brand building, and ease of use. It was integrated into Magento for better synchronization with the Friso store and its products.

Alongside email campaigns, there are comprehensive marketing opportunities, with many promotional campaigns also developed for their website to help attract customers and increase awareness to the target audience. Microsites for special products and special occasions were developed. These provided both promotional and informative services for customers.


A key part of this project involved optimizing Friso’s website for a better customer experience. A series of A/B tests were executed throughout the website over time to make sure everything was as optimal as possible. To track its success, the number of transactions was counted and compared to find the most popular variant. Upon conclusion, the new reordered navigation menu was found to be a clear winner, with a 54% improvement over the previous version.

As a result of these tests, the website has become more customer-friendly in design and layout, with the customers themselves having decided on the changes that were made, ultimately leading to an increase in conversions. More tests will be performed in the future.


Through consulting with SmartOSC, many other optimizations were made, including bug fixes and troubleshooting. These improvements ensure customers will continue to have a smooth experience, building a professional and positive image for the brand. Maintenance and support will continue to be offered to provide stability for the website and ensure security is upheld effectively.


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