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Paypal functions as an online alternative to traditional personal banking. The company operates worldwide online payment systems and money transfers, as well as integrating with ecommerce sites all over the world to serve as a payment processor.

Mask Group 136
Enhanced Marketing Capability
Enterprise-class Search from Solr
Wish List System Implementation
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Multilingual Content Management
Mask Group 134
Personalized Recommendation System
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Integration with Zendesk, Gleam & Online Booking Solution Services

The New Journey

PayPal offers its merchants a responsive theme running on the Magento CE and EE platform, which is integrated with its check-out system. SmartOSC was engaged to create a theme that enables merchants to install and configure the theme and colors via a simple interface in the Magento back-end.



SmartOSC developed a theme that is compatible with Magento Community and Enterprise edition based on the SASS framework.


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