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Nam A Bank


Founded in 1992, Nam A Bank was one of Vietnam’s first joint-stock commercial banks after the 1990’s Banking Ordinances. With more than 100 branches, 3,400 employees and total assets of more than VND100,000 billion, Nam A Bank understands that digitization must be a prime focus in all banking activities. By leveraging the latest technology trends, they aim to become a commercial bank with a large market share and quickly become one of the top five banks in Vietnam.

3D Liveness Detection
3D Selfie User Verification
A Fully Flexible Workflow Engine
AI-enabled Fraud Check
846x423 Synchronized Content Across Channels and Regions
Face-match 1:N

The New Journey

SmartOSC was selected to help Nam A Bank customize and integrate world-class 3D biometric identity verification technology for user authentication into their existing Open Banking app. As Vietnam’s first 3D biometric identification application in the banking industry, the upgrade includes 3D Liveness, Facematch 1:N, AI-enabled fraud check, and a fully flexible workflow engine and is built to meet international standards.

"The task to continuously improve and enhance Open Banking is evidence of our determination to go digital-first and create optimized experiences for customers. Building the bank’s very own technology platform is hard enough, but keeping it running and updated with the world’s latest technological and business trends is a task on another level. As a bank ranked top of the banking ICT Index for several years, we believe the joint work with SmartOSC will be a highlight on our journey to conquer other digital transformation peaks in the future.”- Mr. Nguyen Vinh Tuyen, Nam A Bank’s CIO.  

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3D biometric identification application in banking


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Biometric identity verification for frictionless security: This solution encompasses a perfect harmony of data encryption and anti-fraud tools. When customers are onboarding, a quick video selfie verifies 3D Liveness, compares the user’s face to their photo ID, uses optical character recognition (OCRs) for the ID text, and searches previously enrolled user faces for duplicates. When the user returns to use the Open Banking service, the face authentication will again check 3D Liveness and compare it to the person onboarding. If they match, access is granted and no password is required.


Increased operational productivity: Along with the capability to detect fraudulent documents, SmartOSC’s eKYC solution also reduced manual data entry errors. Through this, the bank can save operational fees and accelerate the product release process to serve customers better. 


Enhanced customer experience: While ensuring the highest level of security standards, the solution also greatly enhanced user experience. It allows customers to choose a wide range of benefits in just one touch including digital onboardings, login processes, and transaction authentications for payments and transfers.

Now the bank’s clients can save time and gain more control over their financial activities.


Both Nam A Bank and SmartOSC will continue to work together to apply technology to different service areas, ensuring security and offering an enhanced customer experience. Both parties could not be more excited about the possibilities the system brings moving forward.

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