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Guide | October 04, 2021

Magento Development Services Company

Today, most eCommerce owners are opting for Magento eCommerce platform. As one of the top eCommerce platforms, it supports over 250,000+ online stores globally. Famous brands like Nike, Coca-cola, Ford, and many more trust Magento as their perfect platform for their business. Over the years, the Magento platform has shown to be flexible, easy-to-integrate, easy-to-use, modern, scalable, and very customizable. 


However, if you want your business to yield maximum benefits from the Magento platform, it would be an excellent option for you to tie up your site with a Magento development services company. With Magento development services, every Magento eCommerce owner can deliver an enriching shopping experience to all its customers. If you want your Magento eCommerce store to stand out with an improvised buyer experience that hooks customers, then Magento development Services Company is all you need.


What is Magento? 

Magento is a powerful and flexible open-source eCommerce platform built in PHP empowering merchants to create personalized experiences for their users with the help of Magento development services companies. Merchants have complete control over the look, content, and functionality of their sites.


Magento eCommerce platform helps businesses discover industry-specific solutions for their eCommerce businesses through custom extensions, themes, third-party integrations, and marketing strategies that facilitate more sales.


Why develop Magento? 


The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to eCommerce platform solutions. Each platform has its advantages and works well with specific businesses. This is not different from the Magento platform. However, Magento is developed as a flexible platform for users to cater to their business needs with a variety of functions using pre-made extensions.


Magento development covers all technology-related demands of online business. Unless you have the required technical competencies, you should consult a Magento development company for solutions to your business.


With the development of Magento, you can create a unique and sales-driven online store by leveraging the core features of Magento to your advantage. 


On top of this, the development of Magento enables you to create a sufficient catalog space, user-friendly interface accessible across devices, progressive web apps among others.


SmartOSC Magento development services 


SmartOSC Magento development company has artistic designers along with over 400+ skilled and certified Magento web developers who work hard closely with you to convert your dream into a reality. As a world-class Magento development agency, they have delivered over 500+ consumer-centric Magento eCommerce solutions o different niches in Singapore and across the globe. They understand that the development of your Magento store is crucial to the success of your business. Therefore, they work hard to achieve the results they desire.


Here is a list of SmartOSC Magento development services:


Custom Magento development


Since Magento is an open-source platform that is powerful and flexible, customizing it can support growth. SmartOSC optimizes your Magento site for your specific business needs and customer requirements.


Design and themes


SmartOSC understands that your business needs a great design with optimized UI and UX that resonates with your business’ brand and vision.


Magento integration


SmartOSC integrates your Magento store with extensions it needs to improve efficiency, consistency, and quality.


UX design and checkout


They improve customer conversion by effectively optimizing purchase flows to remove transaction barriers and streamlining the checkout experience.


Speed optimization


Ecommerce businesses conversion rates depend on site speed. SmartOSC experts work on your hosting, code quality, and optimize integrations to improve load times.




The safety and security of your website should always be a top priority for your eCommerce store. SmartOSC offers security consultations, conducts code audits, and scans risks and vulnerabilities.




Are you looking for Magento development services? Contact SmartOSC.

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