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Guide | November 05, 2021

SmartOSC Magento Development Services At Singapore

E-commerce is one of the largest sectors of Singapore. According to a report by Facebook, e-business constitutes $7.46 billion in Singapore. The figure will cross 8 billion this year. Moreover, in the future, Singapore aims to emerge as the e-commerce hub of Asia. To leverage this growth, you can build an e-commerce site and earn good bucks.


The first important thing to set up an e-business is choosing the right platform to manage your business. Your content management system is critical because your investment and customers' trust will rely on it. Better responsiveness and attracting interfaces can put you ahead of the competitors. 


Among many content management systems, Magento is the best choice. 


What is Magento? 


Magento is an e-commerce solution that has vast customization and marketing features. Magento is an open-source platform that anyone can use to do their business. However, the application has an enterprises version that provides much more features than the free one. 


Current status of using Magento in Singapore


Released in 2008, Magento gained extensive popularity among store owners. The application became widely popular because of its scalabilities, easy interface, advanced marketing tool, and customization options. Magento is equally useful for all types of small startups and big businesses. 


In Singapore's e-commerce sector, Magento is the second most used developing tool with a market share of 13%. Besides, its usage is growing by 37% as of Q3 2021. Around 800 firms are managing their e-commerce with Magento. Few of them generate revenue of more than 1 million USD. COURTS, Dyson Singapore, Aldo shoes, and Best Denki are completely or partially relying on Magento. 


Now, you may have a clear idea about Magento’s responsiveness, customization, and scalability. It is capable of providing great flexibility to all kinds of businesses whether you sell homes appliances, footwear, apparel, or food. You get equal remarkable flexibility. Actually, Magento is a global platform offering you an unmatched customer experience in both local and international businesses. Product management and updating is a matter of seconds with it. It also tracks insights such as customers' location, interactions, and impressions, which are the root for store owners marketing strategies. 


These reasons make it a very popular and growing platform.   


SmartOSC Magento development services at Singapore


Suppose you already have a Magento store or want to set up new to earn some bucks from the emerging market of Singapore. In that case, SmartOSC helps build your best e-commerce website.


SmartOSC is a Magento development agency with 650+ developers and marketing professionals. We have been operating for 15 years in the e-commerce and digital marketing industry. Our clients span 10 countries, including Singapore, the USA, and Japan. We have 10+ Magento certified website developers who will adorn your business up to your customization. With us, you can take full advantage of Magento's vast functionalities. 


Are you searching for the best Magento migration service or Magento Site building in Singapore? Our certified site builders will give your website a customized touch.




Singapore is the business hub of South East Asia. Recent reports estimate that e-commerce will boom in a few years that is already a major sector in the country. You can grow your online shop and leverage this enormous growth. Choosing a good e-commerce platform is the first brick of your business. 


Adobe Magento is a featured enriched e-commerce builder integrated with wide business options. In Singapore, Magento development is the 2nd most used platform for business setup. SmartOSC is a leading Singaporean e-commerce firm that provides complete services from Magento development to site maintenance. Just contact us for the best Magento migration and development services in Singapore.

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