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Guide | November 17, 2021

Top 4 Magento Agency Singapore

Have you ever shopped online? Most probably, you would say yes. But even you haven’t done, you may know that online shopping is very common. People mostly purchase online, and the eCommerce industry has emerged as one of the largest sectors today. In Singapore only, eCommerce contributes $7.46 billion that grows $8 billion this year. To leverage this vast market, you can build a store. Or you may be a part of this market and managing any online store. In building an eCommerce, the first step is choosing a website content management system (CMS). numerous CMS offer eCommerce development and management services. But Adobe Magento is one of the most feasible and easy-to-use systems that provide powerful merchandise features such as cart customization, seamless deployment, AI-driven marketing, and more.


What is Magento?


Magento is a powerful feature-enriched merchandise tool for eCommerce development. It gives you full advantage of your internet-based business with infinite flexibility, optimized design, high scalability, and modern modules. Whether you like clothes sales or want to set up a food product shop, Magento facilitates you in building a successful store. 


Learn Magento agency Singapore


We know Magento is a complete solution you can opt to manage the business. However, you need development and technical support for the Magento eCommerce site. Following are the best Magento agencies providing complete support of the tool in Singapore. 


1. Ranosys Technologies


Ranosys Technologies is a Singapore-based company having multiple offices, including UK and US. Ranosys has implemented Magento to several well-known sites, including NTUC Learning Hub, Singapore Post, and D-Link. 


2. Isobar Commerce 


Isobar Commerce is another big name of eCommerce in Singapore. The firm has a long list of successful clients such as Lacoste, Nestle, Clarins, Ecco, and Asda.


3. Kemana 


Kemana is an excellent eCommerce agency with a 50+ membered team. Its service has collaborated with many start-ups to be successful and has produced several big sites.


4. SmartOSC


In the list of best Magento developers in Singapore, next, we have SmartOSC. The firm leads the eCommerce sector with 15 years of experience. The Magento agency has a successful record of service, and Paypal, eBay, Courts, Smartbox, and Lotte are among the happy clients of SmartOSC.


SmartOSC Magento agency Singapore


SmartOSC - Magento development agency


SmartOSC is a multinational firm and leading eCommerce agency in Singapore. It is an award-winning company that comprises an experienced team of 650+ professionals who technically know the present and the future of eCommerce. In their 15-year successful journey, the agency has provided valuable services to 500 merchants, including big names of Smartbox, Paypal, and eBay




SmartOSC operates in 10 countries, including Us, Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam. The Magento agency is the official Magento Enterprise Solution Partner that has the capability to provide any eCommerce service from Digital marketing Strategy to website management Services. Your business will take complete advantage of Magento’s features with SmartOSC. 


What do you get at SmartOSC?


  • Marketing analysis and strategy. 
  • Technical and merchandise support for start-ups.
  • Continuous maintenance for every-scale business.
  • Development and website building by Adobe Magento certified web developers.
  • Personalized designs and cart options. 
  • Unparalleled cloud, mobility, Magento migration, and Magento customization services.

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