January, 2022

Commerce and the path to digitalization with Bhavin Patel 

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We’re looking at digitalization and all things digital transformation with Bhavin Patel of CT Corp.


Host Adrian Wakeham and Bhavin went on a step-by-step journey to digitalization. Bhavin is a digital transformation veteran, so his top tips for taking a business digital are worth their weight in gold.


Bhavin Patel currently has a dual role as the Group Managing Director of Digital, Omnichannel & Platforms of CT Corp & President Director / CEO of CT Corp Digital. He has more than 15 years of experience in digital across the UK market for FTSE 100 companies, global roles within multinationals across Central Europe and Southeast Asia, and group roles in-market Indonesia. 


His experience spans multiple disciplines within digital, product, UXUI, tech, data, digital marketing, eCommerce, and so on. Bhavin Patel has been successfully translating the vision of each business into digital solutions leading to profitable business growth, increased competitive edge, and enhanced brand engagement.