The Forward Focus: What Key Trends Are Shaping 2024?

December, 2023

The Forward Focus: What Key Trends Are Shaping 2024?

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What a year it has been! As we get ready for 2024, we take a look back on a fundamental question that we have asked our brilliant guests on Commerce Talk:

What emerging trends are you keeping a close eye on for the future?

From life-changing devices to advancements in leadership, the latest in global logistics, secure payment trends of the future, responsible AI in marketing, and so much more. Thanks to some of this region’s main players, this episode will keep you at the forefront of Southeast Asia’s biggest trends.

Listen in to step inside the brilliant minds of:

  • Herbert Vongpusanachai – Managing Director for DHL Thailand and Indochina
  • Siew Ting Foo – Global Head of Brand and Insights at HP
  • Tee Chayakul – Country Director, Stripe Thailand
  • Mei Lee- Partner at Boston Consulting Group
  • Jay Hira – Director, National Cyber Security Practice at MinterEllison

Key Takeaways:

  • Complex payment needs and subscription models are expected to become more popular, allowing customers to pay for utility rather than buying assets.
  • Cross-border payments can be challenging due to high fees and a lack of trust in payment processors, but there is a growing need for seamless and secure international transactions.
  • Generative AI can enhance marketing efforts and complement human skills, rather than replace human beings.
  • The world is becoming more global and local simultaneously, with global trends like sustainability needing to be addressed by brands and considering the unique needs of different countries and regions.
  • Building leadership skills that can adapt to the constantly changing world is a crucial challenge for businesses and individuals.
  • The future of trading will be influenced by changes in global supply chains, sourcing of materials, and the use of AI and machine learning for more efficient operations.
  • IoT devices, such as wearables and home appliances, are becoming more prevalent, but there is a need for better security standards to protect personal data and networks.
  • AI and machine learning can play a significant role in cybersecurity, helping to recognize threats, identify high-value assets, and assess control gaps.
  • Quantum computing has the potential to break existing encryption algorithms, posing a threat to data security.