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COURTS Singapore


Known as the leading Singapore-based retailer specializing in furniture and consumer electronics, COURTS emphasizes their superior value and experience to their customers.

Today, COURTS operates more than 90 stores with multiple store formats, spanning over 1.7 million sq. ft. of retail space.

Responsive Design
Click and Collect Implementation
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Adoption of HTML5 Elements
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Emarsys Email Marketing Integration
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SEO Best Practises Implemented
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Promotion Enhancement with Flexible Discount Methods

The New Journey

In parallel with an expected boost in productivity from traditional retail stores, the brand looked to radically reshape their e-commerce business, moving towards an integrated shopping experience both in-store and online.

Growth Statistics


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Increase in Transactions

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Courts Singapore Case Study

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SmartOSC was brought in to rebuild the Magento store. For this project, the latest version of Magento 2 was selected for several reasons:

  • Most modern and relevant designs
  • Latest features
  • Powerful capabilities.
  • Best supported
  • Most secure



COURTS aimed to build an omnichannel approach to unite their in-store and online experience. A newly implemented click and collect system allows customers to purchase products online and pick up their purchase in-store. This system is key in unifying the more traditional in-store experience with the online, while providing customers with more choice in how they shop.


COURTS wanted to begin an email marketing campaign as part of their push to increase promotion for their store. Integrating with the powerful Emarsys marketing automation platform, COURTS were able to coordinate different marketing channels to personalize the brand message, product offerings and discounts that happen in store and online.

Also introduced were:

  • Limited time offer coupons
  • Free shipping thresholds
  • E-gift cards
  • Product bundling system
  • SEO best practices



After the first successful phase, a whole new set of functions will be implemented with ongoing support and strategy in coming phases. Both SmartOSC and COURTS could not be more excited about the possibilities the system brings moving forward.

COURTS will continue strengthening its back-end infrastructure to offer customers the seamless online-to-offline experience they expect from best-in-class retailers. Our ambition is to grow online sales to 10-15 percent of the business in five years time.

Stan Kim
Group Chief Information Officer, COURTS Asia

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