Simplified, streamlined headless CMS technology

Managing content across channels should be easy

In the midst of economic uncertainty, choose a digital experience platform that empowers you to create the solutions you need without sacrificing speed, flexibility, or budget.


Liferay provides a highly flexible solution to the challenge of managing content delivery across your touchpoints. As a headless CMS, you gain a reliable and user-friendly platform to oversee and optimize customer experience.


As their Certified Partner, SmartOSC utilizes their technology to create unified, personalized, and modern digital experiences to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Certified experts create results

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A joint force to enhance digital experiences

Protect your business from disruption with an all-in-one platform

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SmartOSC worked with

MSB to enhance their

customer experience

and operation

MSB’s Liferay-based site was

integrated with the latest

technology to ensure maximum

efficiency and scalability.

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SmartOSC and Liferay co-hosted an

exclusive event with

Australia's leading

retailer leaders.

We guided the attendees to share

their expertise on the latest CX trends,

sparking some eye-opening

discussions across industries.

Why SmartOSC for Liferay development?

Expertise, agility and a can-do approach


Seasoned certified partners

Our developers are highly familiar with Liferay technology and have the capabilities to overcome complex challenges.

Proven Track Record of Success

We leverage our vast experience and technological insights across 1200 projects to strategize for complete success.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer is the focal point of our project to design and implement Liferay platform for maximum conversion and loyalty.
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Comprehensive solutions to APAC and beyond

"On time - On budget - Exceed Expectation" is our promise to 100+ global organizations to maximize value from their investment and getting them prepared to compete in a fast-paced world.

Liferay’s agile and powerful CMS

We recommend Liferay’s set of tools and products for many reasons

Headless tech
for fast scaling

 Liferay provides modularity, wide extensibility, and a robust eCommerce module for enterprises with multiple channels to manage.

Our partners technology works perfectly for organizations who prefer putting together their own resources from in-house tools to SaaS. Liferay works with your platform – and we help you adopt its technology.

Centralized content

From deployment to collaboration, Liferay DXP provides multiple opportunites for precisely managing content.

Customers have high expectations for their digital commerce experiences. Liferay delivers on those expectations across your channels. Personalization is possible through advanced segmentation and extensive customer analytics. The key benefit here is this: you’re not forced to rely on a fixed system – you can truly make it your own.

Swift solution launching

Since Liferay’s flexible architecture works with any code language, Liferay can streamline development for every solution.

Our developers can work with your existing, preferred language and technology to swiftly integrate new applications, sites, and tools. Liferay offers open APIs and the ability to either host their platform in-house or in the cloud.

Trusted by leading brands

Diverse solutions for global clients.