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Guide | November 08, 2021

Adobe Commerce Agency

Adobe Commerce is a corporate eCommerce platform with a flexible and scalable foundation that is geared for evolution and customization. Adobe Commerce stands out from the rest because of its built-in page builder, strong B2B features, and corporate reporting.

Adobe Commerce provides powerful tools to help you cogently launch, manage, and scale your business, such as the ability to host multiple instances on one platform and cloud deployment, whilst also native integrations with Adobe products such as Analytics, Target, Experience Manager, and Creative Cloud help take customisation to the next level.

Some background


Adobe has long been associated with creativity and innovation, having historically specialised in tools for generating and distributing a wide range of material such as images, illustrations, print, and graphics. Adobe expanded and quickly became a leader in developing and delivering digital experiences through content and data as it grew and digital came to the fore.

It bought the market-leading commerce platform Magento Commerce in May 2018, with the intention of seamlessly integrating Magento Commerce Cloud into the Adobe Experience Cloud and delivering a single platform to serve B2B and B2C clients globally. Adding commerce to its product was viewed as another critical piece of the digital puzzle.

SmartOSC - Adobe Commerce Agency 

Adobe Commerce agency


SmartOSC is a multi-award-winning Singapore-based eCommerce agency with a global reach. They provide top-tier eCommerce solutions and work with customers all around the world to help them create and transform their eCommerce companies. They offer several digital transformations for their customers with an expert staff and strong relationships with top commerce platforms.

With extensive experience in the Magento ecosystem, SmartOSC provides scalable, resilient, and best-in-class Magento solutions to assist their customers to achieve the desired results for their businesses.

Adobe Commerce services at SmartOSC


The combination of Adobe's power and a growing eCommerce offering is an attractive proposition.

Adobe continues to develop the platform and deliver solutions for clients at every stage of their user journey by introducing new features such as Live Search and Adobe Sign to Adobe Commerce.

SmartOSC integrates Adobe Commerce throughout the digital ecosystem to increase conversion, reach new consumers, introduce new products and services, and grow your business. Visit company website.




Connect with SmartOSC to kick-start your Adobe Commerce journey.

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